Hair Loss Causes

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What Causes Hair Loss?

As we age, it’s not uncommon to lose a few strands of hair during each day. But if you’re noticing more than usual lying around the house after brushing or showering, then these signs may indicate something deeper is going on with your locks. It’s essential to consult an experienced professional in order for them to assess the situation and advise you accordingly – without taking any unnecessary risks yourself.

While hair loss might seem like a natural process, you can still get relief with the right treatment – and it all starts with understanding what’s causing your follicles to cease production. Genes or pregnancy may be behind full strands of hair lost in clumps, while broken ends from heat styling – including chemical treatments and humidity exposure – is usually culprit for single strand shedding. No matter if hereditary factors are at play or not, there are ways to prevent future stress on scalp health and regain luscious locks again.

The Hair Transplant Center of Boca Raton is here to help you restore your hair and confidence! From thinning or balding, we’re sure to have a solution just right for you. Let us introduce the possible causes of hair loss so that our experts can guide you in finding an appropriate treatment plan tailored specially towards getting back those luscious locks.

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Mental Health


Drug Treatments



Alopecia areata is a chronic autoimmune disorder which disrupts normal hair growth, leading to sudden patches of baldness all over the scalp or body. Though it can be disheartening and unpredictable in its effects, there is hope – some lucky sufferers will experience natural regrowth of their locks with time, though others may require medical treatments such as steroids or even custom-made wigs to achieve full coverage again.

Stress can have more dire effects than just mental strain – a 2013 study found that it is also linked to hair loss. In some cases, people cope with intense stress or anxiety by pulling out their own hair – referred to as trichotillomania. With this mounting pressure on many individuals today, the manifestation of such conditions may become all too common.

Hair loss induced by medication is a reality for many individuals. As the potency and duration of certain drugs can play into increased hair thinning or balding, it’s critical to be aware of potential side effects prior to taking them. For example, chemotherapy weakens cells’ ability to grow normally resulting in alopecia while Beta blockers interfere with signals sent between nerves and muscles causing issues such as NE-induced hair growth interruption. Thankfully your doctor will advise you on what steps may need taken if experiencing unwanted changes in one’s follicles during drug treatment courses.

Hair loss can result from a range of infections, such as tinea capitis. Initially presenting itself similarly to a pimple in appearance and texture, it expands quickly and leaves scaly patches visible on the scalp. The infection attracts hair fibers which ultimately break off due to brittleness caused by irritation – creating what is known as ‘ringworm’. Depending upon how severe the damage may be, some or all lost hairs could potentially grow back if given time for recovery.

Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is a genetically inherited condition that affects many men. As you age, your hair follicles may become more susceptible to the action of male hormones and begin producing shorter, finer hairs which eventually stop growing back altogether. Heredity plays an important role in determining how much hair loss occurs – some people might only experience thinning at their temples or crown while others will end up with a receding M-shape before becoming completely bald.

Hair loss can be a worrisome issue for many. To get to the bottom of it, seek out personalized advice from experts at The Hair Transplant Center of Boca Raton. Our team is equipped with all the knowledge and experience needed to determine what’s behind your hair thinning and whether surgery might help regain fullness in time. Connect with us today, so you’ll soon have answers that bring clarity on this sensitive subject.