Beard Transplant in Boca Raton

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Beard Transplant in Boca Raton

What is A Facial Hair Transplant?

Facial hair transplants are the ideal solution for those wanting a fuller, healthier beard. Utilizing cutting-edge follicular unit extraction (FUE) technology, Hair Transplant Clinic of Boca Raton’s revolutionary treatment helps restore healthy strands to your face via harmless scalp transfers.

Our clinicians and doctors have the expertise to restore your youthful appearance through hair grafting: a process of harvesting healthy hairs from one area on you head then transplant them onto more sparse regions where additional coverage is desired – giving bald spots an opportunity for regrowth that looks natural as ever.


Hair Transplants for Mustaches?


What is a Beard Transplant?


Hair Transplants For Eyebrows


Facial Hair Transplant Benefits

To help those who lack the iconic mustache, doctors offer a special solution: The Mustache Hair Transplant! Using FUE technique – extracting individual hairs from donor areas on your scalp one-by-one – they are delicately placed into sparse facial regions to create the perfect ‘stache you never had.

If you’re looking for results that speak volumes, make sure your hair restoration procedure is taken care of by a practiced team. Our clinicians use an advanced technique to transplant follicles from the donor area into any patchy areas in order to give beards more volume and thickness – sometimes up to five hundred or six hundred grafts.

A beard transplant is a surgical procedure that strategically repurposes hairs from another area of your body to create the facial hair you desire.

Take your facial hair aspirations to the next level with FUE! Our hair transplant surgeons and clinicians can help provide you a full beard of confidence by transplanting natural follicles from the back of your head directly onto your face.

For those struggling with thin or nonexistent brows, there is hope available. A revolutionary procedure known as eyebrow transplanting helps to restore your eyebrows by taking hair from the scalp and transferring it into the desired area – giving you fuller looking results that can last long-term.

FUE is a method of restoring the fullness and natural look to thinning eyebrows. Through this process, healthy follicles are replanted in the area where over-plucking or waxing has occurred – allowing individuals to gain back their desired aesthetic.

Coping with receding hairlines can be challenging, but there are options. Rejuvenate your look by using creams or covering up with hats. But for the more daring souls who want to remedy uneven facial hair and those suffering from alopecia, shaving it all off brings a unique sense of freedom!

With FUE facial treatments you don’t have to worry about lengthy recovery times or discomfort. FUE for beard and facial hair has the following benefits:

  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Highly-selective harvesting process
  • Precise placement of healthy follicles
  • Promotes growth of your natural hair

The doctors and clinicians at the Hair Transplant Clinic of Boca Raton, Florida, offer a wealth of medical knowledge on the fascinating world of hair transplants. Come visit him to learn how implants can subtly yet profoundly enhance your look – our veteran specialists have dedicated years perfecting their craft in facial hair restoration.

Are You a Candidate?

If there’s enough donor hair at the back of your head, just above the neckline, then this procedure may help bring more hairs to those eyebrows and mustaches!

Personal Consultation in Boca Raton & South Florida

At your initial meeting with our team, we will take the time to learn about you and what facial hair goals are most important to you. Feel free to show us a picture of how your beard, eyebrows or moustache should look – as well as reference images from when you were younger for comparison purposes. Taking all this into account we can then come up with tailored plans of action that best suit your needs regarding potential transplant surgery options.


At the Hair Transplant Clinic of Boca Raton, FL, our team of experts is here to help you get ready for the big day! Our clinicians will guide you through pre-surgery preparations so your facial hair can heal in optimum condition – from moisturizing to following a step-by-step procedure manual provided by us. If there’s anything else about preparing for surgery that has been on your mind, don’t hesitate to ask; we are committed to helping you make this experience as smooth as possible with all its transitions.


Follicular unit extraction is an ideal solution for harvesting hair follicles from your scalp to be transplanted elsewhere on the body. Our specialized team of clinicians will use a local anesthetic to numb-up any area where donor hairs are taken or later implanted. Furthermore, with the help of cutting edge technology our experienced practitioners can accurately assess individual graft types in order to give you tailored care that takes healthy strands into careful consideration each step along the way.

Results & Recovery

After your facial hair transplant, the area where follicles were extracted may be tender. Our skilled hair experts suggest relieving any initial discomfort with a cold compress or soothing lotion to help ensure optimal healing of these tiny holes created by FUE implantation- usually within two days.

If new strands begin to shed two weeks post-surgery, don’t panic – this is perfectly normal. Give it three months and watch as these transplanted cells adjust their environment to encourage healthier regrowth.

FAQs About Facial Hair Transplantation

We offer implants for beard, mustache and eyebrows – each at their own price depending on how much regrowth you desire. With our experienced staff ready to assist in taking care of your needs through this transformative journey, don’t hesitate to get started today!

With careful expertise and dedication, our doctors and clinicians can assess the shape of your desired facial hair growth plan to see if FUE procedures will work for you – allowing you to cultivate a full beard, mustache or wild eyebrows in just months.