Virtual Consultation for Hair Transplants

Located in Boca Raton, FL, our Hair Transplant Center is ready to give you the best service and bring back the confidence in you.

Regular face-to-face medical consultations have been revolutionized by the effects of COVID. In light of pandemic quarantines, virtual consultation demand has surged as hair restoration professionals strive to ensure their patients stay informed with up-to date knowledge on ATERA FUE technology and Cole, WAW & Ellis FUE Systems – all without leaving home.

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Virtual Consultation for Hair Transplants

What is a Virtual Consultation?

Connecting with an expert hair restoration professional is easier than ever before! Utilizing the latest technology, our hands-on clinicians provide top-notch virtual consultations – at your convenience. Choose from Skype, Zoom, Facetime or simply a text message for advice tailored just for you as they help realize all of your dreams in regards to achieving healthy locks that last.


HIPAA Compliance


Benefits of Remote Appointments

At the Boca Raton Hair Transplant Center, we understand that protecting your data is paramount. That’s why our online communication platform complies with HIPAA standards and grants you greater security while maintaining strict privacy protocols—so you can have peace of mind when talking through medical options or treatment plans without compromising your rights.

As the healthcare world continues to pivot with recent societal changes, security of patient data has become increasingly essential. Here at our clinic we guarantee that your sensitive information remains safe by proactively following all regulations under HIPAA- providing peace of mind before beginning a hair transplant journey.

When you consult with the Hair Transplant Center in Palm Beach, our team ensures that your visit is conducted in strict accordance to HIPAA regulations. Your privacy will be kept safe at all times.

Technology provides the opportunity to bring medical expertise right into people’s homes, regardless of physical distance. This has become increasingly important due to COVID-19 and its associated risks with traditional in-person consultations. As a result, many individuals have turned towards digital health solutions for their healthcare needs during these challenging times.

Virtual Consultation Benefits

  • Comprehensive: Your virtual consultation with our clinicians will provide you the insight needed to confidently embark on a journey towards hair health transformation – from evaluating your current situation before treatment begins, to learning about all available options for reclaiming lost locks.
  • Convenient: Our services make your medical care more accessible, no matter how packed your schedule may be. Schedule an appointment that works for you and connect with us right from the comfort of home.
  • Compassionate: By minimizing lobby contact, our team is devoted to reducing potential exposure. With rigorous cleaning and disinfecting protocols in place throughout the office, we are committed to providing a safe environment for all patients and staff alike – that’s something worth celebrating.

Are You Eligible?

Our clinicians will investigate your hair loss and determine if a transplant is an achievable solution. Our experts will give you straightforward advice on the best course of action to take; whether that be a transplant or another procedure entirely.

Procedure & Preparation

Before your hair transplant surgery, you’ll receive a comprehensive consultation from our hair transplant doctor. He will guide you on how to prepare for the procedure so that optimal results can be achieved–advice that’s sure to make both body and mind feel at ease before coming in for surgery.

What is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)?

Our experienced hair restoration specialists understand the value of preserving natural growth. With meticulous precision, we carefully extract one unit at a time from areas with abundant strands. This may yield between 1-3 hairs in each harvested section, ensuring maximum preservation and creating beautiful aesthetic results.

Topical Solutions

If your donor site doesn’t have the follicles needed for hair restoration, our renowned clinicians can suggest an alternate option to help you get back that lush mane! From topical solutions to virtual consultations, our Hair Transplant Center in Palm Beach County, FL has a range of options tailored just for you on this journey with hair loss. Let us be your guide today.

Facial Hair Transplants

Our team of Clinicians are ready to give you the look that will make heads turn! Show off your profile with confidence; they specialize in enhancing uneven facial hair growth with tailored techniques to even out all follicles giving desired density in areas like eyebrows, beard or mustache.

Private Consultations in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and surrounding cities

Get prepped for your virtual appointment and be ready to discuss your medical history as well as the hair goals you’re aiming to achieve. Avoid any potential disruptions – make sure there is ample light or have a lamp nearby, just in case; alternatively use smartphone flashlight functions if need be.

Our clinicians offer an exhaustive approach to hair transplants – reviewing images, past pictures and medical records during your virtual consultation for a tailored solution that best suits you. If it’s time for you towards transforming yourself, get in touch with the Hair Transplant Center in Boca Raton today. They’ll be happy to help book an appointment and assist as needed.

Recovery & Results

Our FUE process is a carefully-crafted combination of our specialists’ expertise and your commitment to the healing process. Enjoy clean, dry results with minimal punctures that will heal in just three to five days. We make patient satisfaction top priority. See why so many have had successful procedures by scheduling a virtual consultation today.


During the first complimentary consultation, you can get a transparent estimate of pricing tailored specifically according to what type of technique and technology best suit your needs. Harnessing decades-worth of knowledge in this field, they’re ready to help guide you on this journey!

During these uncertain times, we understand that individuality is key. We give you the space and respect your boundaries in order to find a tailored solution for hair restoration needs – all online! Our team of experts are here to guide you every step of the way towards regaining confidence with restorative treatments so that together, we can help make this period easier.