Female Hair Restoration

Affordable Female Hair Restoration at our Hair Transplant Clinic of Boca Raton

It’s not only an outward expression of yourself, it can also be a source of self-confidence and identity. But when hair loss strikes the silence is deafening – leaving some women to suffer in guilt and embarrassment without seeking vital help or treatment they need. Here at our Boca Raton hair restoration clinic, however, changes await; with our clinicians specializing in transforming lives through advanced surgery that helps bring life back into your mane! So why wait? Take hold control again today by coming along for consultation: you’ll never look back!

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Female Hair Restoration

What Are The Causes of Female Hair Loss?

Female pattern baldness is sometimes more than what meets the eye. Genetics, environmental factors, thyroid disease & lupus can all be at play when it comes to hair loss in women – along with polycystic ovarian syndrome and lifestyle elements such as diet and stress levels. But don’t forget: even certain medications like steroids, birth control pills or antidepressants could also contribute to increase shedding of tresses!

Causes of Hair Loss In Women

These factors can cause hair loss in women: 

  • Genetics
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Medications
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Anxiety and/or depression
  • Anemia (iron deficiency)

Hair Restoration Procedures for Women

Feeling like your hair is not as thick or voluminous as it once was? Don’t despair! Our team of experienced clinicians is here to help you restore the confidence that comes from having a full head of luscious locks. Let us work together with you to find the best solution for maintaining youthful looking locks again soon.

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What is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)?


What is Cole FUE System?


What is WAW FUE System?


What is Ellis FUE System?

Revitalize your hair with FUE! This special type of surgery extracts individual hairs from full donor areas and carefully transplants them to thinning spots, delivering thicker locks without leaving any visible scarring. Enjoy the confidence that comes along with a head of lush, natural-looking hair again – thanks to follicular unit extraction (FUE).

Cole Instruments is at the forefront of modernizing hair restoration surgery for women. With their innovative COLE FUE System, harvesting donor hairs and creating grafts can be achieved with greater success than ever before. At the Boca Raton Hair Transplant Center we believe that every woman deserves to achieve her desired outcome from a successful procedure – contact us today and let’s explore how Cole Instrument’s one-of-a-kind system can help you reclaim your self-confidence.

Hair replacement is made easy and safe with the WAW FUE system. This innovative procedure removes individual grafts from one area of the scalp to another, making it possible for hair follicles to be transplanted from head to body or vice versa – all with an extraction device designed specifically for its natural shape! Our hair transplant doctors and clinicians have adopted this advanced procedure as a result- reducing risks associated with traditional replacements while providing patients smoother surgery outcomes and less scarring post-operation.

The Ellis FUE System revolutionizes hair transplants with its easy and cost-effective automated punch device. This state of the art machine greatly enhances strip harvesting, as well as performing full FUE procedures for optimal results that are sure to make a lasting impact on your look.

Topical Treatments

An alternative to surgery for thinning hair is Minoxidil, best known as Rogaine. This topical medication can help with female pattern baldness when applied daily; however, it’s important to remember that this solution is not a long-term fix and must be used consistently for results.

Injections for Hair Loss

At our South Florida Hair Transplant Center, our gifted team of Clinicians specialize in utilizing the power of your very own blood to tackle thinning hair with an amazing new method. We draw a sample from you and isolate its plasma before injecting it into balding areas on your head- triggering growth via platelets forming special serum that aids healing by producing beta-catenin protein for clotted follicles packed with healthy cells.

Benefits of Hair Restoration

Revitalize your self-confidence with female hair restoration! Our Clinicians are here to help you on the path towards renewed esteem through stimulating natural hair growth. Discover why our Hair Transplant Center in Boca Raton is renowned as one of Florida’s most comprehensive centers for safe and effective solutions to any type of hair loss issue.

Are You Eligible?

Our clinicians are your go-to for all female hair restoration needs. During the initial consultation, he’ll help you determine if FUE (follicular unit extraction) surgery may be a fit – perfect for those with healthy follicles in the back of their head. If not, our experts will discuss alternatives to achieve beautiful results.

Hair Restoration Treatment Preparation

At the Boca Raton Hair Transplant Center, we want to ensure the utmost safety and comfort for our patients during their hair restoration treatments. As such, we recommend that you begin prepping your body before surgery by stopping all smoking at least a week prior and ceasing any product use on your hair as soon as possible. Additionally, it is essential that our clinicians are aware of any medications being taken so they can factor into your individualized treatment plan.

Recovery & Results

Our Palm Beach Hair Restoration & Transplant Center can help you create the look and feel of your dreams. Our specialists understand that hair restoration is a long process, so they will provide medication to reduce any discomfort when performing treatment. They monitor progress on an individual basis in order to adjust their approach for maximum success with minimal stress – giving you back confidence without hassle.